LA Times, July 1993

Revcon marketing all-terrain, 4-wheel-drive motorcoach; Los Angeles Times; July 16, 1993

The Revcon all-terrain can climb sand dunes, cross streams, roll over rocks and handle high roadbeds.

Revcon Motorcoach Inc. of Irvine is introducing its new 30-foot-long all-terrain 4×4 motor coach.

The first 10 coaches off the line have already been sold at a starting price of under $75,000.

Revcon’s all-terrain 4×4 motorcoach is not the first to be built, although the idea was conceived by Revcon engineers four years ago with its 31-foot-long Goliath, according to Raymond Novelli, an off-road fan and chairman of Revcon.

“Goliath actually never went anywhere in sales. It cost too much for the average off-roader, although its purpose was highly praised.

“I bought the first and only Goliath, which was priced at $200,000. I still take it off-road for both fishing and hunting trips into Mexico where even the hardy Bronco and Blazer 4x4s are reluctant to go.

“I decided, however, that there was a niche in the market that could be exploited if I could develop an all-terrain 4×4 motorcoach. After considerable engineering and research, we now have the Revcon All-Terrain 4×4.”

Novelli said price was the most important factor, adding his new motorcoach sells for just under $75,000, and he can provide financing.

“The Revcon all-terrain will go anywhere the Broncos and Blazers go. We can climb san dunes, cross streams, roll over rocks and handle any high roadbed which could call for a 4×4 vehicle.”

Novelli said he selected the 1993 Ford SLT 4×4 Crew Cab chassis, with its Ford V8 CID Liters 460/7.5 engine. His crew beefs up the frame and extends it to accommodate the coach part of the motorcoach, beginning with the super structure steel from system, monocoque aluminum body, heavy-duty insulation underside and the fiberglass exterior.

The original wheels are removed and replaced with eight-stud solid cast aluminum wheels with chrome nuts and caps rated at 3,300 pounds each. They add the leaf spring suspension and air tag-axle and the six all-terrain 35-inch by 16 1/2-inch tires.

Revcon’s motorcoach features a 214-inch wheel base and a supplemental Dexter Brake boost and a moonbeam front axle.

Inside, the motorcoach offers hot showers and a real toilet, a galley, two queen-size beds, furniture, oven and range, convection microwave oven and a nine-inch color TV/VCR with remote. Up front, the driver and front-seat passenger have swivel-recline seats, and there are two identical seats behind them for a total of four.

Ford’s warranty of 36 months, 36,000 miles applies bumper to bumper, and there are manufacturer’s warranties on appliances and other equipment.

Novelli says he expects to build up his annual output of Revcons to 300 or more. He also said he anticipates sales to foreign nations where the 4×4 all-terrain characteristics are applicable.

“If you have any reason to travel over unfriendly terrain, whether dunes, mountains, bills, streams or snowy slopes, the Revcon will be your vehicle. It surrenders to nothing. If a Bronco or Blazer 4×4 can conquer a particular terrain, the Revcon will follow it. As long as there are two tracks to indicate the trail, the Revcon’s potential will be clearly demonstrated,” Novelli said.

Revcon Motorcoach Inc. is located at 17422 Pullman St., Irvine, CA 92714. For more information, phone (714) 955-5340.