LA Times, April 1993

Revcon in Irvine has motor coach for all-terrain use; Los Angeles Times – Southland Auto Scene; 1993;

The Revcon all-terrain 4×4 motorcoach is a vehicle designed for wilderness travel – whether it’s Baja or the Rockies – by off-road enthusiasts, according to Ray Novelli, founder of Revcon Motorcoach in Irvine.
The Revcon 4×4 motor coach is a hybrid development built by the Revcon engineers who worked on the original Revcon front-wheel-drive motor homes.

According to Novelli, the Revcon motor coach has a plush interior, yet its all-terrain feature allows it to travel over sand dunes, cross streams and creeks, climb hills and traverse rough roads.

For a cross-country skier, hunter fisherman or off-road enthusiast, the motor coach can serve as a base camp, lodge or hotel room in the wilderness, according to Novelli.

Novelli said the Revcon all-terrain motor coach is built on a Ford XLT 4×4 Crew Cab truck chassis. It has a 214-inch wheelbase, an overall length of 30 feet, a height of 214 inches and a width of 96 1/2 inches.

The all-terrain motor coach is available in various model levels, including the high end Trailblazer version.
Robert Dyke, Director of manufacturing for Revcon Motorcoach Inc., said sales now will be made on a factory-direct basis.

For more information, or to arrange a visit to the factory, call (714) 955-5340.

The Revcon all-terrain motor coach is designed for wilderness travel.