LA Times, October 1993

Revcon coach designed to be driven off-road; Los Angeles Times; October 22, 1993

The Revcon 4-by-4 all-terrain motor coach is promoted as being useful off-road as well as on the highway.

The Revcon 4-by-4 all-terrain motor coach is as useful off-road as well as it is on the highway, according to Ray Novelli, founder of the vehicle.

Novelli, a major contributor to the character and efficiency of the Revcon 4-by-4, is an ATV and off-road van.

“This motor coach,” said Novelli, “is built to take the roughest trails, fire roads or where there are no roads at all.”

Novelli’s Revcon Trailblazer is built on a stretched and reinforced Ford XLT 4-by-4 Crew Cab truck chassis. It is powered by a Ford V-8 engine.

.The vehicle can climb sand dunes, cross streams, roll over rocks and logs on a mountain back road and make a road if necessary.

Novelli said that the vehicle can be used in the snow, sand or boggy ground.

The motor coach is sold factory-direct with two separate floor plans, one with a queen-size bed at the back and the other with family room.

The coach is sold fully equipped with a generator, a television, a microwave oven and other items; it is priced under $75,000.

For more information on the coach or to arrange a test drive, call Bob Dyke at (714) 955-5340.