Weekend Balita, November 1993

SCR developers rev up operations; Weekend Balita, Volume 111 No. 121; November 18-24, 1994

The new owners of Spring Creek Resorts (SCR), as well as SCR members, have a lot to be thankful for and look forward to this holiday season.

Last Thursday, November 10, the lawsuit filed by a San Diego based lawyer against SCR was settled amicably while a few days earlier a long-standing motion on the case was ruled by San Diego Superior Court Judge Robert O’Neill as “inappropriate for class action;” thus, paving the way for the dismissal of…the case against Spring Creek Resorts, developer of Philippine Fiesta Village, and all other defendants.

Prior to the lawsuit court settlement, a satisfactory agreement was reached between the Department of Corporations and SCR; a very favorable settlement which now enables the new owners to proceed with the resort’s operations and sale of memberships.

Under the terms of the agreement, no fines were imposed although SCR had agreed to reimburse the Department of Corporations for its investigative costs, as well as reimburse SCR members who wish to withdraw their membership.

“Both settlements now allow the resort to go full speed ahead and concentrate on what has to be done in the best interest of resort members,” said Joe Ehrlich, counsel of Spring Creek Resorts.

With the “green light” issued by the Department of Corporations and the settlement of the court case, the road ahead has been cleared of obstacles that would allow the new owners to proceed with its plans of operating Philippine Fiesta Village as a unique and magnificent theme resort where Filipino families can meet and have fun within a spawning, rustic and wholesome environment.

The man on top of it all and behind the resurgence of Philippine Fiesta Village is Ray Novelli, a giant in the resort and travel industry.

Fiesta Resorts, Inc., managed by First Nationwide Resort Management, Inc. (FNRM) of Irvine, California, just recently assumed ownership and management of Spring Creek Resorts, also known as Philippine Fiesta Village. FNRM owns and operates over 34 resorts across the country and has another 40 affiliated resorts through its sister organization, the President’s Travel Club. FNRM principals and management team manages All Seasons Resorts (ASR), one of the first membership resort companies…music showplace where gold record performers like Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks and other superstars have been topbilled.

Other benefits now available to SCR members include vacation and recreational access to other profitable ventures of the Novelli group of companies such as: President’s Travel Club which is one of the largest travel clubs in the industry; “News & Views” magazine, the membership magazine that promotes “Good Times;” caravan and rallies for RV’ers across the country; and the Ritz Historic “breakfast-in-bed” Hotel in Central Florida.

“With Philippine Fiesta Village now sanding on solid grounds, current members can now heave a sigh of relief that we are moving forward,” said Robert Mitchell, a well known resort consultant who had been actively involved in negotiations over the transfer of ownership.

Meanwhile, Danny Macabuhay, a respected journalist and marketing specialist who has been assisting the new management in the transition period, has high hopes for the future of the 963-acre resort in Tehachapi, California, often referring to it as “a home away – from home.”

ON SOLID GROUND. Top executives of First Nationwide Resort Management, Inc. (FNRM), new owners of Philippine Fiesta Village say the recent favorable court ruling has put Fiesta Village on solid ground one more. Left to Right, (front row): Danny Macabuhay, MEDIA Marketing Consultant; Robert Mitchell, Resort business consultant; Ray Novelli, chairman and CEO, Chip Yonge, project coordinator. Back rows L to R: Ofelia Garcia, Asst. to Mr. Novelli; Irish Waldman, Director of Sales & Marketing; & Marlies Novelli, Director of Resort Services.